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IPOs, mergers & acquisitions

Over the last few years the number of companies approaching the capital market and becoming public, has increased significantly. Companies need new capital for growth support, infrastructure development or for mergers and acquisitions.

We offer our clients assistance on the range of integrated services on IPO (Initial Public Offering):

  • IPO-diagnosis
  • IPO-Academy Program
  • Tax and legal restructuring in preparation for IPO
  • Preparation of IFRS reporting and implementation of procedures for the rapid closure to meet the requirements of stock exchanges
  • Advice on corporate governance to achieve transparency, risk management, etc.

After the implementation of IPO, the company becomes public, the accountability becomes clear and transparent that is a priority for most companies.

Keyforce is capable to assist its clients with mergers and acquisitions services which are used to denote the processes associated with the consolidation of business and capital. As the result new large companies arise or processes take place within the existing company.

Our team can support the clients with the mergers and acquisitions services as

  • A legal assessment of the legality of ownership from the seller
  • Legal expertise of all transactions for the disposal of company shares
  • Analysis and evaluation of legal documents of title to the objects owned by the company
  • Conclusion of the assessment regarding legal & financial risks related to the acquisition
  • Developing of a set of measures to maximize the transaction
  • Performing pre-acquisition due diligence
  • Assistance on post-deal integration

Regardless of the size of a company, it is important that the processes of buying/selling are under tight control. Legal rules governing mergers and acquisitions often are subject to change, so consulting an expert in this area will be extremely useful, regardless of the amount of the transactions.

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