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Corporate Services Worldwide

Our expertise covers all matters relating to the corporate services for the international business companies in tax efficient jurisdictions around the world, in order to give the best possible solutions to the requirements of our clients.

Keyforce mission is to provide corporate services to our clientele at high level and on a worldwide scale, availing them to achieve their business and financial goals.

Our clients, who may include businesses, entrepreneurs, private individuals, expatriates and families, or corporations ranging from small private firms up to large international enterprises, benefit from our willingness to provide specialist services combined with their particular requirements.

A major asset of the Keyforce team is our dedicated personnel of company incorporation and administration specialists that can undertake efficiently and within a minimal timeframe the whole process of the corporate services in Cyprus and other jurisdictions as follows:

Primary Corporate Services

Shelf offshore companies

Shelf offshore companies are organizations that are registered in accordance with the laws of the country of registration. We always have available offshore companies in all major offshore jurisdictions and can provide-

you with list of shelf companies straight away upon request. Shelf offshore company is the fastest way to start to run a business.

Company registration due diligence

In Cyprus, the registration of companies, as well as the recording of any changes in the Company (changing of shareholders, increase/decrease in share capital, reorganization, liquidation, etc.) shall be performed at the Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver. A legal entity is formed immediately after its registration in the Register of Companies. The registration is confirmed by the issuance of the Certificate of Incorporation, which is irrefutable proof that the company has complied with all legal requirements for its establishment, and that the company is duly
established in accordance with the Laws of Companies.

Directors and shareholders: The services of our appointed directors are a guarantee of a high degree of confidentiality and privacy. For the management of a company, we provide general power of attorney from the nominee directors, which will allow to the real owner to conduct the business, to open and manage bank accounts, etc. We can act as a nominee/trustee shareholder in your company, which is very important in the case that you do not want your data to be available to the public. For the purposes of legal protection the Declaration-

of Trust shall be signed, which is a confirmation of who is the real owner of the shares and the responsibilities of nominee/trustee shareholder in the event of excess of powers.

Company secretary: All Cyprus companies must appoint a secretary who shall be an individual or legal entity. It is preferable to appoint a secretary that is resident of Cyprus. The Secretary is the CEO of your company. We offer secretarial services for companies and guarantee the prompt implementation of all requirements established by law, including the daily management of the company and the submitting of all the necessary reports. Appointed/nominee secretaries do not usually have an active role in the company and actually do not participate in the activity of the company.The service of the appointed secretary ensures that the statutory obligations of the company are fulfilled.

Registered office

Registered office is a place where all the correspondence, notices, orders and other official documents shall be forwarded. According to the requirements of the Cyprus law the company’s registered address shall be in Cyprus. Registered address, company name, date and place of incorporation shall be shown on all company letterheads. All companies registered in Cyprus must have a registered office in its territory. If the company does not want to open a fully functioning-

office in Cyprus, then we can provide you with a registered office address. The registered office is proof that all the official correspondence from the Registrar, the Tax Department and the Central Bank of Cyprus, will be received by the company management.

Virtual office: Virtual Office is a good way to manage your business and the ideal solution for the owner of the company, without substantial expenses monthly for rent offices and salaries to staff. Keyforce provides virtual office services, which may include – personal business address, telephone line, fax, and internet. We offer virtual office services in Cyprus, UK, BVI, Seychelles and other countries around the world. Virtual office is the fast and efficient way to enter into the international market.

Trustee functions: Trust is a form of ownership organization based on trust relationship. Trust has the founder, which transfers legal ownership to another entity referred to as the trustee or fiduciary whereas this is done in the interests of a third person (or persons) – the beneficiary. Our range of services includes the formation and management of the International trust in Cyprus or other jurisdictions, the provision of corporate trustees, advising on protection of family assets and inheritance issues, the provision of services for the administration of trusts, etc.

We have professional agents for all types of trusts. Our clients are large international corporations and individuals who have created trusts for various reasons, including asset protection, tax and estate planning.

Escrow services: Escrow, in Anglo-American law is the depositing of monetary funds from third party under the name of another person for the purposes of transactions of funds to him only after the implementation of certain conditions. We provide with the wide range of services of the escrow agent such as:

  • Preparation of the necessary instructions from both parties obtaining of the all necessary documents and monetary funds
    definition of interest, taxes, etc. verification of cheques, if there are any closing the deal under the implementation of all necessary obligations of the parties
    execution of the authorized by the parties payments provision of reports of the funds transfer to both parties informing the parties on the progress of the transaction
  • Opening & Administration of Bank Account

We will help you to open a bank account for limited liability companies, joint stock companies,

limited partnerships, companies limited by guarantee,charitable companies, unlimited companies and individual entrepreneurs with any of the local and international banks. Our specialists will help you with the selection of the bank where it will be more convenient to open an account for your company, prepare a complete set of documents required in accordance with the requirements of the bank, and if necessary, translate and notarize documents. After opening a bank account, you can transfer funds to conduct operations with cash, etc.

Auxiliary Corporate Services

Powers of Attorney and Proxies, Minutes of Board of Directors’ meetings, Statutory books and records, Translation, certification, notarization, apostil of documents, Day to day legal & administration issues of clients, Filing of documentation, Assistance in meeting bank officers, advocates and other professionals, Assistance in the obtaining work and residence permits, Other secretarial services.

Keyforce is always open to discuss with the clients their particular requirements and to propose those solutions and those services which are most advantageous for the client


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