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Professional Experience

Keyforce is a company who works diligently to provide our clients with the highest level of legal and corporate services.

Who We Are

We value highly the reputation of our company, and I am sure that the quality of our services is a guarantee of the successful development of our business and businesses of our clients. All the team members of Keyforce are Corporate and Legal Consultants, here to give to you the best possible care. We look forward to being of service to you on any of your legal and corporate needs.

Our unchanged traditions are:

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Our main principles are trust, flexibility, professionalism and the dynamic approach for achieving guaranteed success for any business model.


Accounting services

Keyforce team has knowledgeable professionals in accounting and has extensive experience with various types of legal entities in Cyprus and in many offshore countries, due to this fact we are able to offer fast and efficient commercial services.

Bank Account Management

Keyforce specialists will assist you with the choosing of the bank where will be more convenient for you to open an account for your company, prepare a full set of required documents in accordance with the requirements of the bank and if necessary, translate and notarize documents.

Investment Fund Administration

Keep and maintain the Register of Participating Unitholders in Investment Funds, Receive and process application forms for subscription, redemption, or transfer of Units


We look forward to meeting you, to discuss various programs of cooperation, and to expand on all the features and conveniences of working with us. We have in mind that the degree of customer satisfaction and recognition in business circles is a critical factor for our joint success. We hope that working with us will meet your expectations regarding the selection of services, the overall level of service, pricing, and, of course, good and sincere relations.

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